The Castle

The earliest documents about the Lajone Castle are dated back to 1624, where the Quattordio's seignior Annibale Guttuari of Asti left his lands and holdings in inheritance in a notary deed, but its history starts much earlier when a multitude of nobles frequented the place.

Between them there was Cisternia the daughter of Cisternio Lord of Denmark who sojourned hosted by Civalieri counts around the end of 1500. Those nobles where not the only ones which passed by but many others can be named: Civalieri, Mantelli, Olivazzi, Colli noble families of the era. After the Guttuari extinction there was a conflict between the marquises Inviziati Baggiani Braciforte and the counts Cavalieri for the propriety which was solved only with the action of the “Eccellentissimo Real Senato” of Turin which concluded the disputes naming Carlo Inviziati Baggiani Braciforte marquise as the legitimate owner of the castle and its lands; its successors were the last nobles owners.

Since then, this place keeps its original aristocratic beauty full of history framed by the splendid landscape of the Monferrato. The atmosphere is entirely surrounded by quiet nature and soft hills bringing its visitors in a surreal place with absolute privacy. Its private garden is an explosion of colors and fragrances with a multitude of secular majestic plants like Lebanon cedars, sequoias and oaks playing with magical reflections in the infinity pool. It can boasts exclusive privacy and tranquility.


Frescos Halls for historical visits

Main Hall with window wall on the secular Jardin des Plantes with 300 people seated capacity and more than 500 standing people capacity

Cellar red bricks and architraves in view with 300 people seated capacity and a LED bar which can be used for meals and parties


Jardin des Plantes with grass lawn and secular plants including oaks, giant sequoias, Lebanon cedars and a wide infinity pool. More than 1000 people capacity


  • Open all year
  • Heated during winter and air-conditioned during summer
  • Halls provided with a multitude of chimneys for a warm atmospher

  • Suites availabilit

  • Entertainment and music with no hour limits in the nigh

  • Vast parking lot for cars and pullman